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Meet the teams

ARCH Programme Board

The ARCH Programme Board is made up of members from each of the three partners. The Board consists of the Chair and Chief Executive of each Health Board and both the Rector for Health and a Pro-Vice-Chancellor from Swansea University. The ARCH Programme Board holds the ARCH Delivery and Leadership Group to account for the delivery, pace and programmes of work within the ARCH portfolio.


ARCH Delivery & Leadership Group (DLG)

The ARCH Delivery & Leadership Group (DLG) has been established to ensure the delivery of the projects which make up the ARCH Portfolio. The DLG meets regularly and includes Executive Directors from each of the three sovereign partner organisations and the Chairs from each of the four ARCH Programmes.

The DLG reports directly to the ARCH Programme Board, which has delegated authority from the three sovereign organisations.


ARCH Programme Management Office

The ARCH Programme Management Office was established in April 2016 to provide dedicated Programme support to a whole range of projects identified within the ARCH Portfolio Delivery Plan (PDP). The team structure has evolved since the birth of ARCH, and now comprises of six permanent team members, and 1 fixed term team member.



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