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14 Jun 2018 Swansea Universities' Health and Wellbeing Academy WINS Guardian Award for Social Impact

Established in 2016, it aims to offer support, advice and information to help people improve their own health and wellbeing through early identification and diagnosis of conditions.

The Academy offers a wide range of services including osteopathy, audiology, bereavement care, cardiology and pregnancy related services including, breastfeeding support, hypnobirthing, postnatal support and positive parenting. There is also a private GP service and regular health events are held in collaboration with charities including the British Heart Foundation.
The project leaders liaise closely with partners in the NHS, allowing the Academy to help reduce waiting times for treatment and plug gaps in provision. Many of the services offered are not available through the NHS, or in the region. The Academy also runs a further education programme designed to strengthen the local health and life science sector by bringing health sciences to life for the students. So far, the Academy has treated 2,659 new patients and delivered 15 different health and wellbeing services. All profit from services is reinvested back into research and education.

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