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10 Jun 2021 Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Webinar - 30th June

The ARCH Regional Neurology Project is coordinating a virtual Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Webinar on 30th June via MS Teams.  The event is a first for ARCH and is completely booked out with over 120 participants expected.ARCH FND Awareness Webinar Flyerv2.jpg

The original aim was to target the community teams, Primary Care practitioners and Emergency department staff across the region with an aim of reaching 30-35 interested staff members. Interest generated much faster than expected and 80 participants  expressed an interest in the first 5 days of the advert.

FND is a common and disabling condition and there are no provision of assessment/treatment pathways for the condition in Wales and very few across the Wales.  Patients can experience an array of chronic and extremely debilitating and unexplained complaints leading commonly to frequent attendances in Emergency Departments, Primary Care and general medical inpatient facilities.

The evidence shows that people experience multiple episodes of re-assessment and re-investigation, with no clear diagnosis and patient outcomes remain poor and mortality rates for FND are higher than the general population.  FND is often described as ‘a blip in the brain’s software rather than something wrong with the hardware’.

Through the webinar, we are looking to not only build the awareness of FND but gather some information to feed in to an evidence based business case we are developing for a regional FND service, ensuring patients are supported in the right forum, at the right time, in the right way.

FND-Hope-UK.png   Participating in our event are the National charity FND Hope UK.

Follow us on twitter – @ARCHProg  – for further updates the outcomes and progress of our work

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