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ARCH Delivery & Leadership Group

The ARCH Delivery & Leadership Group (DLG) has been established to ensure the delivery of the projects which make up the ARCH Portfolio. The DLG meets regularly and includes Executive Directors from each of the three sovereign partner organisations and the Chairs from each of the four ARCH Programmes.

The DLG reports directly to the ARCH Programme Board, which has delegated authority from the three sovereign organisations.


  • Ceri Phillips

    Person imageCeri Phillips

    Ceri Phillips

  • Gareth Davies

    Person imageGareth Davies

    Gareth Davies

  • John Gammon

    Person imageJohn Gammon

    John Gammon

  • Karen Miles

    Person imageKaren Miles

    Karen Miles

  • Keith Lloyd

    Person imageKeith Lloyd

    Keith Lloyd

  • Management School

    Person imageManagement School

    Management School

  • Naomi Joyce

    Person imageNaomi Joyce

    Naomi Joyce

  • Phillip Kloer

    Person imagePhillip Kloer

    Phillip Kloer

  • Richard Evans

    Person imageRichard Evans

    Richard Evans

  • Siȃn Harrop-Griffiths

    Person imageSiȃn Harrop-Griffiths

    Siȃn Harrop-Griffiths