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About Us

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By working together, the ARCH partners are:

  • Improving the health of our communities, reducing inequalities, empowering and building confidence in the population to manage their own health and wellbeing;
  • Recognising and overcoming the challenges of both rural and urban healthcare;
  • Delivering infrastructure and services recognised for their excellence at the forefront of defining standards, using technology and big data to deliver innovative services, knowledge and support Prudent Healthcare;
  • Transforming services so they are integrated, easy to access and navigate with health, social care providers, public, private and third sector working together for our communities within coherent framework;
  • Encouraging the NHS’s capacity to innovate and translate ideas for the economic benefit of the region;
  • Creating and supporting open innovation environments and a culture where world-leading science, practice and enterprise are joined together;
  • Harnessing, retaining, nurturing and adopting home-grown life science enterprises while also attracting global innovators;
  • Creating a multi-professional learning and training environments to support a shaped and talented workforce designed to deliver and sustain ARCH;
  • Recruiting, developing, inspiring and retaining the best talent including the promotion of increased opportunities for the people of South West Wales; and,
  • Designing and delivering the necessary skills development framework to sustain the Strategic ambitions direction of all the ARCH partners.



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